3D Design is the Future: Meet the CEO of Xcel Brands

On a mission to reimagine shopping, entertainment and social as one, Xcel Brands has engaged in the design, production, marketing, and sale of consumer products since 2011. They own labels like Isaac Mizrahi, C. Wonder, Halston, Judith Ripka, and Highline Collective. As Chairman and CEO of Xcel Brands, Bob D’Loren is changing the way retail does business. Mr. D’Loren has spearheaded the company’s unique omni-channel platform. With fast fashion retailers disrupting traditional supply chains, Xcel Brands has developed a speed-to-market strategy that competes with those of fast fashion retailers without sacrificing quality. This strategy is possible in large part due to the company’s use of 3D technology. We asked Mr. D’Loren how Xcel Brands stays ahead with 3D design and data insights.

Hometown / Favorite Food / Guilty Pleasure:

Oyster Bay, NY / Peanut Butter / Blackberries and Whipped Cream

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Photo: Xcel Brands

What inspired Xcel to explore 3D designs?

Xcel has committed to achieving speed and intelligence in our product cycle timelines and product development. 3D design is at the core of this mission.

How do you use 3D rendering to enhance your workflow?

3D design provides superior detail specifically and improves fit accuracy. Also, it allows us to conduct consumer insight testing through the utilization of the 3D images. All of this happens quickly pre-production.

What can you do now that you couldn’t do before 3D designs?

We can now gain customer input into designs through consumer insight testing.

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Photo: Xcel Brands, Eternity Collection

What do you wish you could design in 3D that you currently can’t?

We have a fully operational 3D design platform in all our fine jewelry licenses. We anticipate that apparel will be operational in Q4 2020.

Does Xcel use data when making creative decisions? If so, how?

We use data science from the sales floor, Trendalytics, and consumer insight testing conducted both at the attribute level and the collection levels.

What are your goals for Xcel as a brand?

To be the most technologically advanced apparel and fine jewelry manufacturer.

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Photo: Xcel Brands, Vienna Collection

What do you think the next big fashion trend will be?

A return to more tailored dressing mashed up with activewear constructs and fabrics.

What is one piece of advice you would give your younger self?

Follow your intuition and verify it through data.

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