August 2020 Top Trends

3 min readAug 18, 2020


We’ve reimagined Top Trends to be more predictive, giving you insight into what’s trending now and what will be trending in the future. Our goal is to help you make more forward-looking decisions by giving you the ability to capitalize on undiscovered trends rather than just jumping on the bandwagon. Using our proprietary algorithm, we’ve identified trends that are exhibiting four distinct behaviors: emerging, safe bets, peaking, and on its way out.

From baggy jeans to pimple patches, these are the growing and declining trends that influenced womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, and beauty for the month of August.


Consumers are taking their love of comfortable fashion to new levels as they settle into their at-home style. From cable knit sweaters (+31% to LY) to oversized hoodies (+162% to LY) of TikTok stars and to the baggy jeans (+166% to LY) of street style stars, loose-fitting garments are on the rise. This casualization will continue to be a top consideration in apparel purchases as consumers opt for pieces that reflect a sense of security and solace.


With fall just around the corner, men are looking to stay cozy with the help of a few wardrobe staples. Mens alpaca sweater (+416% to LY) and mens fleece joggers (+58% to LY) are showing emerging behavior, while the fisherman beanie (+95% to LY) is a safe bet. With warmth top of mind, mens mohair sweaters (+12% to LY) and cashmere socks (+14% to LY) are expected to peak this season.


Acne was already one of the top skin concerns pre-pandemic. Now, all of our mask-wearing and the appearance of maskne has only accelerated the demand for products and ingredients that combat it. Pimple patches (+55% to LY) and acne serum (+95% to LY) are safe bets, while malic acid (+13 to LY) is exhibiting emerging behavior.


With fewer kids returning to school this fall, parents are investing in a homeschool-ready wardrobe for their little ones. Kids loungewear (+86% to LY) is a safe bet as are girls and baby hoodies. At the same time, more traditional back to school styles are on their way out. Searches for girls backpacks (-45% to LY) and girls mary janes (-24% to LY) are declining.

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