November 2020 Top Trends

From cold weather staples to stylish cut outs, these are the trends that are expected to impact the womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, and beauty markets during the month of November.


Intimate apparel is top of mind, as consumers search for sheer layers, lingerie-inspired details, and cut outs that range from modest to revealing. A safe bet, corset tops (+115% to LY) have been growing at an accelerated rate since being spotted on the FW20 runway and retailers are stocking up — 58% of products in the market are new within the last 3 months. Organza trench coats, cut out sweaters, cold shoulder sweatshirts, and underboob tops are all exhibiting emerging behavior.


Men are prepping for the snowy months ahead with a cozy wardrobe refresh. Mens cable knit jumper (+2% to LY), mens oversized sweater(-2% to LY), and mens shawl cardigan (+9% to LY) are experiencing emerging behavior. Searches for the latter are up +9% to last year with +33% market adoption in the last 30 days. To complete the outfit, men are on the hunt for mens thermal leggings (-1% to LY) and mens ribbed socks (+37% to LY).


Just because consumers are following social distancing guidelines doesn’t mean they aren’t still dabbing perfume behind their ears. Terms such as biodegradable fragrance (+383 to LY), functional fragrance (+195% to LY), citrus perfume (+25% to LY), and aquatic perfume(+24% to LY) are all exhibiting emerging behavior and will continue to grow over the next few months. Tobacco Perfume (+60% to LY) is a safe bet, whereas flower fragrance is currently reaching its peak (+49% to LY).


Denim, in all shapes and sizes, is top of mind for parents this month. Boys denim shirt (+24% to LY) and girls denim skirt (+17% to LY) are exhibiting emerging behavior, while girls baggy jeans, a womenswear staple this season, is a safe bet and +117% to LY. Despite a 41% decline in searches, baby denim overalls are new to market, with 75% of product new within the last 3 months.

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