From midi silhouettes to DIY essentials, these are the trends that are expected to impact the womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, and beauty markets during the month of October.


Midi dresses and midi skirts are experiencing extremely high search volume, with 360K and 58K average weekly searches, respectively. Emerging trends include tiger midi skirt (+20% to LY), denim midi dress (+3% to LY), and linen midi dress (+2% to LY). Safe bets involving this trend are poplin midi dress (+214% to LY), tiered midi dress (+107% to LY), and knit midi dress (+76% to LY).


Tie dye quickly became one of the biggest trends of the year, and men are looking for new and interesting dye effects to add to their wardrobes. While mens tie dye shirt (+37% to LY) has reached its peak, bleach dye hoodies (+323% to LY) have become a safe bet. Mens patchwork jeans (+53% to LY) may represent the future of the DIY movement, as noted in our recent Trending Themes report.


The weather may be getting colder, but customers aren’t ready to put away the SPF just yet. Sunscreen (+15% to LY), sunscreen powder (+15% to LY), zinc sunscreen (+11% to LY), and non-toxic sunscreen (+31% to LY) are all experiencing emerging behavior. SPF moisturizer (+10% to LY) has been growing for at least and has reached its peak, while tinted sunscreen (+62% to LY) is a safe bet that will continue growing over the next year.


Students are making the most of their Zoom classroom by accessorizing their daily outfits with headbands and hats. Terms such as knotted headband (+40% to LY), silk headband (+24% to LY), scrunchie headbands (+9% to LY), and boys bucket hat (+50% to LY) are all showing accelerated growth this month. You can expect headbands to be all the rage instead of girls scrunchies, a term that is -45% to LY.

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