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In recent years, ethics and sustainability have made their way to the forefront of the fashion industry. With no clear cut definition, implementing ethical practices requires you to determine what sustainability and ethics mean to you and your consumer. Regardless of size and segment, businesses are taking an active stance on social and environmental issues to satisfy the demand for transparency and sustainability, especially as consumers’ moral considerations are redefining shopping habits.

Growing awareness of the negative environmental and social impacts of the apparel industry give way to new players committed to transforming the industry for the better. However, the apparel industry’s interdependence on surrounding industries places it at the center of the current political and economic landscape. Impending trade tariffs and political policies disrupt the supply chain, undermine global growth, and increase the country’s trade deficit. Both new and established brands are beginning to search for solutions to the industry’s toughest problems as the sustainable fashion movement continues its upward trajectory.

Sourcing more environmentally friendly materials like organic, vegan, and recyclable textiles serve as one such solution. With new fabric alternatives being developed at a rapid pace, there are more opportunities than ever to adopt eco-textiles into your offering.

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The need for more eco-conscious solutions comes at a time when consumer interest is at an all-time high. In the past year, searches for terms like sustainable fashion and sustainable swimwear increased by +74% and +119%, respectively.

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