Trendalytics Predicts: Top Trends for 2021

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Women’s Fashion

2021 is all about comfort with elements of escapism and nostalgia sprinkled in. Women are searching for a wardrobe that’s ready for anything this year.

  1. Y2K21—The velvet tracksuits and colorful crop tops of the early aughts are making a comeback driven by nostalgia and a longing for less stressful times. (Searches oversized jeans are +76% butterfly crop top are +188%, flared leggings are +303%, and velvet joggers are +61%)
  2. Cottagecore—An escape to the countryside couldn’t come soon enough. The cottagecore aesthetic was and will continue to be the balm we need in a time unlike any other. (Searches for nap dress are +727%, puff sleeve midi dress are +65%, and tiered midi dress are +100%)
  3. Out West—The Old West is getting a modern remake as cowboys become unexpected style icons and women draw inspiration from some of their most signature looks. (Searches for cow print jacket are +138%, knee high cowboy boots are +54%, and long sleeve denim dress are +55%)
  4. Show Off—Backless silhouettes and see-through styles are bringing sexy back. Step out of your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to show some skin this year. (Searches for backless top are +57%, gauze top are +70%, lace up crop top are +77%, corset top are +109%, and silk tie top are +265%)


When it comes to accessories — it’s all about embracing and enhancing your personal style. From supersized silhouettes to minimalist essentials here are the accessories trends you can expect to see in 2021.

  1. Go Big Or Go Home—Supersized accessories prove that bigger is always better — at least when it comes to styling your favorite outfits. (Searches for large jaw clip are +132%, large scrunchie are +72%, and oversized earrings are +57%)
  2. City Slicker—Take a hint from your timeline and invest in some of this year’s most in-demand and insta-worthy accessories. (Searches for baguette bag are +171%, tortoise shell hair clip are +149%, statement ring are +100%, paperclip chain are +691%, chunky boots are +88%, and square toe heels are +58%)
  3. Just Do It (Yourself)—If you can’t find it, make it. This year’s most enviable and unique accessories don’t come from the store, but rather from the hands of the people wearing them. (Searches for crochet bucket hat are +439%, clay earrings are +238%, shoelace belt are +68%, and tie dye headband are +88%)
  4. Comfort First Footwear—Comfort has quickly become a top priority, especially when it comes to footwear. Complete your WFH wardrobe by switching those heels out for some slippers this year. (Searches for slingback slippers are +410%, open toe slippers are +82%, boot slippers are +61%, and fur slippers are +56%)


The plus-size consumer is ready to experiment when it comes to their style. They are showing an affinity for comfort and effortless styling, as well as a renewed interest in denim. Various denim styles and cuts will be a major focus this year.

  1. Bootcut Baby—From cowboy to square toe, boots are here to stay and so are their PIC: boot cut jeans. (Searches for plus size boot cut jeans are +147 and curvy bootcut jeans are +4%)
  2. Bigger Is Better—Comfortable and chic, the oversized everything trend is one to watch out for. (Searches for plus size boyfriend jeans are +39% and plus size oversized sweater are +41%)
  3. Down Under—The foundation of every outfit is a good pair of underwear. (Searches for plus size g string are +80%, plus size strapless bra are +43%, and plus size hipster panties are +104%)
  4. Sporty Spice—The 90s are back! Embrace your past and strut your stuff in a retro tracksuit. (Searches for plus size tracksuit are +58%)

Men’s Fashion

2021 is all about function, utility, and comfort for men as they say goodbye to formal officewear and embrace both loungewear and outerwear. From multifunctional shackets to playful and patterned pants, here are the menswear trends you can expect to see this year.

  1. Casualization—Men are keeping it casual as they continue to stay at home in their new daily uniform: sweats. (Searches for mens loungewear are +189%, mens jogger set are +92%, and mens lounge shorts are +68%)
  2. Pattern Play—Men are playing up their wardrobes with printed trousers and graphic tops. (Searches for mens graphic sweater are +62%, mens graphic sweatshirt are +95%, and mens printed trousers are +233%)
  3. DIY Denim—Want to take your denim to the next level? Put a patch on it. The men’s denim market is embracing the DIY movement and bringing back a well-worn aesthetic. (Searches for mens patchwork jeans are +120% and mens patched jeans are +75%)
  4. Cabincore—Cabincore is cottagecore reimagined. Escape the city and reconnect with nature in comfortable knitwear and fireside-ready fleeces. (Searches for mens fleece sweatpants are +82%, mens fleece cardigan are +127%, and mens flannel jacket are +65%)

Kid’s Fashion

As kids adapt to life at home and school online, their wardrobes are doing the same. Kids’ wardrobes reflect those of their parents’ as loungewear and street style favorites gain popularity. Remaining optimistic is top priority as parents search for bright tie dye sweats, inspirational t-shirts, and vacation essentials.

  1. DIY 4EVR—Quarantine’s tie dye obsession continues. The DIY aesthetic will brighten up kids’ wardrobes for the coming year. (Searches for boys tie dye t-shirt are +482% and girls tie dye sweatshirt are +164%)
  2. Mini Fashionista—All of today’s top trends are getting a mini-me makeover as fashionable moms pass their sense of style down to the next generation. (Searches for girls baggy jeans are +302%, girls combat boots are +42%, and girls wide leg jeans are +166%)
  3. Animal Lovers—Lions, tigers, and bears oh my! You can’t go wrong with an animal motif. Kid-friendly favorites include bunnies and butterflies. (Searches for bunny print are +38%, flamingo shorts are +6%, and girls butterfly shirt are +128%)
  4. Inspirational Attire—Parents are trying to maintain an optimistic outlook as they search for motivational t-shirts for their little ones. (Searches for good vibes t-shirts are +63%, be you t-shirts are +22%, and fearless t-shirts are +160%)


Combining wellness and clean beauty, 2021 is all about achieving better makeup-less beauty results. People are searching for ways to clean, hydrate, and clear their skin and hair by relying on not-so-ordinary beauty products. Whether it’s experimenting with products to clear maskne or with bangs to elevate their hairstyle, here are the biggest beauty trends of this year.

  1. Anti-Acne—Bye bye blemishes! Maskne (mask-bred acne) entered our lexicon alongside the pandemic, and people are looking to combat it with acne-banishing products. (Searches for maskne are +28,150%, acne dot are +50%, and acne serum are +156%)
  2. Sustainable Cycle—People are searching for eco-friendly sanitary products for a waste-free period. (Searches for reusable period pads are +77% and menstrual cup are +32%)
  3. The Big Bang—Prepare to see lots of bangs in 2021 — below-the-brow styles are the next big thing. (Searches for curtain bangs are +1,050% and long bangs are +15%)
  4. Active Acids—Acids — from mandelic to polyhydroxy to salicylic — are helping people put their best face forward. (Searches for mandelic acid are +96%, polyhydroxy acid are +67%, and salicylic acid are +66%)


From smart sanitizers to self-care hacks, health and wellness trends for 2021 aid in the quest to stay virus-free and practice self love. In the battle for betterment, people are searching for a reprieve from the chaos that was 2020. Whether it be exploring the outdoors, blocking blue light, or seeking out virtual therapy, we’re craving all forms of wellness in the aftermath of last year.

  1. Call Of The Wild — Take a hike, sprint up some hills, or simply get outside — all that matters is that you’re reconnecting with nature. (Searches for outdoor training are +32% and everesting are +128%)
  2. Self Love—Next-gen apps and celeb-backed product lines are at the forefront of the sexual wellness revolution. (Searches for sexual wellness are +41%)
  3. Life Online — Looking to unload some stress? Discover digital ways to feel more grounded and less stressed. (Searches for virtual therapy are +121% and virtual yoga are +505%)
  4. Digital Overload — Now that our lives have become more virtual, blue light protection is a must. People are looking for products, treatments, and practices to mitigate the damage caused by our digital devices. (Searches for blue light glasses are +114% and blue light protection are +72%)


Healthy, home-bound meals are on the menu for 2021. With a large shutdown of restaurant dining, consumers are looking to get adventurous in the kitchen. From an obsession with the air fryer to a heavy reliance on happy hour, this year’s home chefs are reinventing the kitchen.

  1. Kombucha Kraze—Full of antioxidants and immune-boosting ingredients, this fermented tea is on consumers’ minds in every flavor and form. (Searches for hard kombucha are +75% and homemade kombucha are +58%)
  2. Happiest Hour—The craving for convenience has finally hit the adult beverage industry with canned crafted drinks becoming the go-to choice for many. (Searches for canned cocktails are +58%)
  3. Home Chef—No store, no problem. The pandemic has reignited people’s interest in at-home meal kits. (Searches for meal kits are +65%)
  4. Reuse and Recycle—In an effort to minimize waste and save the planet, farmers are looking for ways to produce food efficiently by relying on regeneration. (Searches for regenerative agriculture are +78% and organic fruit are +23%)


Without the ability to travel, consumers are looking for new ways to spark joy. Hobbies and interests this year are all about staying connected and content at home, with education and community-building being driving forces for newfound interests.

  1. Local Love—The conscious consumer is shopping small and supporting local businesses to boost the community–and planet–around them. (Searches for shop local are +60%)
  2. Power Of Positivity—Try to stay positive. People are taking a break from the doom and gloom of 2020 by practicing gratitude and searching for the good in every situation. (Searches for positivity are +258%)
  3. Decode Your Dog—Dig into your dog’s family history to discover more about your furry companion with dog DNA test kits. (Searches for dog DNA kit are +42%)
  4. Co-Working Kids—Parents are putting together indoor scavenger hunts to keep kids occupied at home. (Searches for remote learning are +1,211% and indoor scavenger hunt for kids are +667%)


With most of their time being spent at home, it’s no surprise people are dedicating time and money to optimize their living conditions. They are finding new ways to keep their offices organized, keep their air clean, and turn their houses into homes.

  1. WFH—People are stocking up on office supplies for their homes turned workplaces. (Searches for ergonomic chair are +179% and desk organizer are +56%)
  2. Germ-Free—In the midst of a global pandemic, it’s more important than ever to keep homes clean and germ-free. (Searches for air purifier are +64% and personal air purifier are +336%)
  3. Less Is More—The home goods market is embracing a less is more mentality. (Searches for minimalist table are +60%, minimalist vase are +178%, and unscented candle are +48%)
  4. Green House—Both amateur and experienced plant parents are looking to bring new life into their home sanctuaries. (Searches for hanging wall plant are +102%, hanging plants are +71%, plant mister are +92%, plant stand are +95%, and footed planter are +114%)

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